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Photofountain is more focused and challenged to provide quick learning strategic training in about one workshop time duration. We have exclusive WhatsApp groups for ongoing Weekend Workshops, Online Assistance, and Hyderabad city`s most active photography community.

Photofountain Training Service Policy :

For Basic of photography, we charge 2000 rs and it is Lifetime subscription, you can attend our photography workshops every weekend, whichever listed in Bookmyshow.

For new members, What you can expect from the workshop :

Live demonstration of camera features and functions with respect to different lighting conditions and different photography genres.

The first workshop is focused on getting a perfect idea on camera feature, functions and When, Why, and in Which photography real-time scenarios, are going to use them. Discussing all photography objectives, how to capture in easy way and what camera settings more prioritizes when you are capturing photography objective.

If you have got any doubts or getting trouble in capturing, or any queries related, what is learnt in the first workshop, then you can attend next upcoming workshops, which are listed in Bookmyshow to get understand much better away, with the live practice session if required and of course if you keep on attending the workshops, definitely you will be enhancing photography skills and learn how to photograph in smarter way.

Photofountain Training assurance, after workshop, you will be able to make the best possible decision making on choosing a right camera settings to capturing in any lighting conditions according to your goal whether it might be moving or still subjects and many other photography genres. Our workshop training is definitely going to be key to become an expert photographer, that`s what you can expect from Photofountain.

Photofountain – Get Trained To Capture Anything

Santhosh Kasturi (Founder & Trainer) :- 8885185098.