De-stress with Art Techniques

Ditch perfection, choose expression! Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. We know, talking about some things isn’t easy. Where words are not enough, art offers a creative outlet to cope with stress & anxiety. Age no bar and no prior artistic skill required! Your mind is a canvas upon which you are the artist. Brush your worries away and indulge in some art therapy in this one of a kind creative process conceptualized by our Knowledge Contributor – Aradhna. She will guide you to conquer stress by gaining a better self-understanding and exploring your creative side, using a mix of art & psychology to discover your own happiness. There is going to be no competition, comparison, judgement or interpretation of artworks created during the session. Every artwork created during the session becomes equally special because of the thoughts that go behind it. This is just a date with yourself!

Let’s get to know Aradhna
Therapeutic Art Life Coach and Founder of “Art It Out-Until You’re Ready To Talk” – Aradhna, who has worked in varied fields including finance, F&B and marketing, finally made time to pursue her passion to blend creativity with contentment. She is a PhD Scholar, avid traveler and also a certified pianist from Trinity College of Music, London. A versatile soul always open to learning and experimenting, she tried learning at least one new skill or experimented with something new every week since the lockdown began.

What you’ll need for the session
1.5 hours of your time
A working internet connection
Optional (The experience is all about doing-it-along with us!)
5 blank sheets of paper (any size will do)
Colour pencils or crayons or sketch pens or paint, etc (anything you can color with)

What you won’t need for the session
No credit card details
No prior experience in Art

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Are you ready to begin your journey towards Self-Discovery?

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