Eyes to U.S. Bootcamp in Hyderabad on October 30, 2015

Eyes to U.S. Bootcamp in Hyderabad on October 30, 2015

PR is very important for your startup because it bring in a personal touch to your messages as it reaches to the target audience directly via the intermediaries that you hire as the PR of your firm. In fact, you can also measure the effect of using an intermediary as a tool, unlike lack of measurement of your other advertising techniques. Most people misunderstand PR to be a form of advertising. This is only a myth because Public Relations is not a form of advertising. The second myth about PR is that it if free. But if you understand the roots of PR you will know the fact that PR can actually be much more expensive than your normal advertising. This is because using this possum of reaching out the public is the most personal way to connect to your audience.

Public Relations is more precise and direct and boosts up your startup’s credibility. How? Because the messages that are reaching the customers are through trusted sources – which means that there will be no false information about your product or services. Plus, the PR guy will be the face of all your communications. Will it not have a direct impact when compared to other sources like TV advertising or pamphlets? People tend to trust words spoken by known personalities rather than blindly following what a paper advertisement or a TV ad promises.

Launching your startup in a foreign country can be quite an opportunity for you, but we are all aware of the hurdles that once might face while going ahead with this big decision. To help you solve some confusions, Startup Hyderabad with PulpPR decided to organize a PR boot camp in Hyderabad for all those entrepreneurs who are aspiring to launch themselves internationally.

Launching yourself in US is one thing, and sustaining the business is another thing all together. After few months of your startup’s birth, the immigration will need to know why they must allow you to continue staying there and continuing your business. That means you will have just few months to grab your customers unlike the Indian market where you can give your startup a buffer time of at least a year. It also important for you to understand all the legal requirements and get access to all permits and licenses in order to incorporate your business in the US.

Keeping in mind all these hassles and troubles a new launcher faces while entering the US market, Startup Hyderabad joined hands with PulpPR to organize a free workshop for startups on “how to prepare a successful public relations campaign to launch your startup in the US”

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