Firewalk – Firewall Security Workshop in VIT University from January 18-19, 2014

Firewalk - Firewall Security Workshop in VIT University from January 18-19, 2014

At some point or the other, we all must have encountered this question of- ‘Who are these “hackers” who are trying to break into your computer?’ Most people imagine someone at a keyboard late at night, guessing passwords to steal confidential data from a computer system. This type of attack does happen, but it makes up a very small portion of the total network attacks that occur. Today, worms and viruses initiate the vast majority of attacks. Worms and viruses generally find their targets randomly. As a result, even organizations with little or no confidential information need firewalls to protect their networks from these automated attackers.
If you are one of the curious ones on how the entire Firewall and Network security system works, this is the place for you. Come and discover how Firewalls very effectively block most bad guys from compromising with your computer!


The workshop provides an overview of the fundamental principles of Firewall, network security and Web application security. Also it makes the participants develop a deep understanding of vulnerabilities, threats and attacks that manifest in websites, networks etc. which will encourage them to look for solutions in order to protect networks and web applications.

Duration: 6 hours session for 2 days each.


• First day- A combination of theory with intense LIVE DEMOS.
• Second day- Capture the flag session(Hands on sessions)
• Certificate for attendance
• Penetration Testing Security Toolkit DVD which includes 2700+ softwares.
• 6 valuable prizes for quiz winners which will be conducted every hour in between the workshop.

Registration fee: Rs 850/- per participant


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