Learn Food Styling for your Social Media

From the famous Dalgona coffee trend to the delicious other food made by each new master homechef, the lockdown has made us all appreciate the food we cook ourselves at home. In this live and interactive session, our knowledge contributor – Bijal Jobanputra will help you understand how to style your food photos with different kinds of props for your social media, along with the basic composition principles of food photography. Whether you are a budding Food Blogger or just a person looking to take better styled pictures, at the end of this session, we will help you discover your own style in food photography and you will also get the chance to discuss and review your own food photos.

Let’s get to know Bijal (& Nitin Tandon Food Styling & Consulting)
A nutritionist with 9 years of experience – Bijal is known for her strong aesthetic sense that has also made her an integral part of the Nitin Tandon Food Styling & Consulting Company for over 2 years. She focuses on selecting the right crockery, cutlery & props to ensure her shots are nearly perfect. NTFSC is known for its ability to translate the perception of taste, aroma and appeal from the actual dish to a two dimensional photograph (an art by itself) which has been mastered over the two and half decades since it was established.

What you’ll need for the session
1 hour of your time
A working internet connection
Any 2 of your favorite food pictures to be sent to us in advance on [email protected], for us to review it during the session (optional)

What you won’t need for the session
No professional camera
No credit card details
No prior experience in Food Styling

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