Leather Lamp painting by Rashmi Singh

Learn about the Tholubommalata (Leather Puppetry) Artform and witness live, how a Tholubommalata artisan paints on parchment leather to create masterpieces.

Learn to draw on parchment leather and create your own handpainted Leather lamp this festive season incorporating the Tholubommalata technique and Madhubani designs.

A beginner friendly workshop where you can dive into Tholubommalata Artform and take home a Leather Lamp that you create and proudly showcase in your homes. Join us to experience this heritage artform.


Rashmi Singh, A Post Graduate in Design from the prestigious National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad, has over 10 years of industry experience, in multiple creative streams with popular fashion brands and her own private label.

Rashmi primarily works with two of the oldest art forms, Tholu Bommalata (Leather Puppetry) from Andhra Pradesh and Madhubani Painting from Bihar. “To sustain something that has lost its relevance we need to add perspective, redefine and recreate into a product that gives a sense of history and a piece of future, making it truly timeless.”

Rashmi works with artisans in interior villages of Andhra Pradesh to develop a range of contemporary products using Tholu bommalata. She has developed unique bespoke products that are the perfect blend of heritage and contemporary.