Mandala Art on Wall Clock Workshop by Shrutika Ghomse

Mandalas speak to the soul. They are Art, yet they are more than Art, the same way we are each our selves, and yet we are more than our selves. Mandalas have been used as art therapy. Mandala Art is considered both therapeutic and symbolic.

While the circle in the center of Mandala is believed to ground oneself, the shapes, design, colors and symbols reflect the inner realms of the person who is making it .

In this Workshop you will learn – Basic Techniques of Mandala Art – includes constructing Grids and steps to draw Patterns with help of those grids . A beginner friendly workshop and does not require prior Art Experience

What you take home?

A beautiful creation , a self-designed Wall-Clock that will remind you of your creative side every time you see the Clock.

Wear something you would not mind paint on. All Materials will be provided.

About the Artist :

Writing a Journal and giving them a human touch of memories through art is what she liked the most. She always loved to decorate her space, whether its home, bedroom, study table, Office desk which brings calmness and relaxation and makes you feel home. And also adds beauty to your space.

She began her professional career as a Fashion E-commerce Merchandiser.

She is a self-taught artist. As a hobby she started practicing Pottery and Mandala art.

Gradually the hobby started converting into her passion. So she decided to club in both her work experience and her passion and established Nartika Creatives.

This art form helped her reduce her anxiety & stress, Increased her creativity, productivity and mindfulness. And her goal is to provide the same experience to others through her arts and products.