Online Public Speaking Workshop for Teens

Public speaking is an essential skill that every teen can develop. This workshop will enable them to conquer their fear of stage and deliver stellar speeches. Public speaking helps them in being more confident, develop the ability to voice opinions, influence others and communicate better. It prepares the child for a better future

We cover the following in the workshop

Over coming stage fear

Preparing the speech

Delivering the speech

Body language

Video counseling

Daily assignments and evaluations

It’s an interactive session ,and being a multi age group, they work together and help each other as well. Each batch is for 7 straight days and each session between 60-90 mins every day. 12 children per batch,

The Trainer : Manoj Thelakkat

CEO of Flex-I Partners – an international HR Firm with operations in India, UAE, Oman and Qatar.
Founder of Reflex Training Partners, an experiential learning organisation, which uses theatre, music and outbound to provide high impact trainings.
24 years of corporate experience in various industries like Banking, Telecom, FMCG, Recruitment and Training,
20+ years experience as a speaker and trainer with national and international exposure,
The only trainer from India to conduct trainings at the 2015 World Congress of JCI held at Kanazawa Japan, attended by over 10000 delegates from over 124 countries, and at the ASPAC convention in Malaysia.
Director of Bangalore Schools Education Initiatives LLP, a support platform for parents, educators and students. Also the director of Mud Pie Education Pvt Ltd.

Parent testimonials from previous batches of Online Public Speaking Workshops

Extremely happy with the workshop ! My son who was initially reluctant to join after joining was more than happy. He looked forward for each session and finally felt sad that they got over . It was an 180degree change I saw in him . Manoj was extremely motivated and kept motivating the youngster. He encouraged my son with his honest feedback and helped him climb up a few more steps to showcase his talent in public speaking . An otherwise slightly introvert teenager got the right space to start his journey into public speaking ! A big thanks to Manoj . Keep up the good work ! I recommend many parents to try their children take up such workshops .

The workshop was definitely productive as it assisted children in understanding the do’s and don’ts of public speaking in a simplified manner. Coupled with creative speaking activities, it got children to get over the inertia they usually have when asked to express any idea or thought. The sessions were lively and effective.

Firstly his speeches have become more crisp.When he talks he used to touch his face now it has little reduced. He adds points that are necessary for the audience to know.

Excellent. My son looked forward for the session everyday. He has become more confident and I hope the fire keeps burning in him.

Participant Testimonials

Session was comprehensive and touched upon the basics of Public Speaking. By the end of the Session, I am able to identity a good speech from a bad one and figure out common mistakes we see even in the best of speakers. The training teaches the importance of research, flow and delivery.

Wonderfully presented and well organized workshop, had a lot of fun participating and would definitely recommend to friends

Hi Sir, earlier I was not aware on how to organize and deliver a speech. This seven days class has helped me to over come stage fear. Thus in future I will be able to deliver a speech in my school confidentially.Thank you sir for this wonderful seven day class on improving my public speaking skills

Feedback Survey from previous batches

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