Property Bazaar 2013 – Biggest Property Expo in Hyderabad from June 8-9, 2013

Property Bazaar 2013 – Biggest Property Expo in Hyderabad from June 8-9, 2013


Lakeview Park, Opp IMAX,
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

Start Date: June 8, 2013
End Date: June 9, 2013

Corporate Real Estate is a realty expert group of 10 years standing. We manage your real estate business with absolute faith, be it buying and selling of apartments, commercial estate or personal property. Corporate Real Estate has exclusively trained staff to nurse in each aspect of property care. Our professional approach is unblemished and has earned a rare reputation of total client faith– our greatest reward of honest dealing.

All our nerves are strained to take the weight of property matters off your mind and leave you relaxed to attend to your business in which you are the leader.

This Expo is a massive assembly of all the who’s who in realty sector.

A huge gathering of the real estate companies and investors who matter the most. A great mileage can be gained from this mega show as we have ensured tremendous amount of media coverage. We assure you it is going to be a show of the grand scale. There will be the cream-de-la cream of reality sector of Hyderabad and around.

A golden opportunity for Bankers :

Hyderabad will witness a mega event on the real estate in the first quarter of next month.It would be a never-before meet of the leaders of the realty industry across several major cities of India corporate builders, makers of smart homes, realty experts, leading agents. Held in the sprawling Lake View Park opposite IMAX, the event will also offer the banks and other financial institutions a golden chance to make business with the class customers who may buy/sell/ invest in the best property across six cities.

Property Bazaar 2013 - Biggest Property Expo in Hyderabad from June 8-9, 2013

The amount of media mileage, the huge army of investors and buyers/sellers are sure to propel your bank’s housing thrust. At the show, ‘Property Bazaar 2013, financial institutions and bankers will be meeting a wide range of prospective investors in the mid and upper segments (Rs.30-40 lakh to Rs.3-4 Crore). One stall of your reputed bank will bring you one 100% results since only the most serious customers are expected and catered to.

Property yatra await you !!!!!

First time in Hyderabad, Property Bazaar is organising a comfortable trip to premium property in Hyderabad and around for those desirous of choosing property either for use or for investment. This would be a pleasant trip in comfort and a stylish approach for all the property solutions.

We are making it a weekly affair too for our valued prospective customers in real estate dealings. For a start, visitors can book trip for June 16 and June 30 trips. We propose to organise this trip every second and last Sunday. Some 20 projects will be lined up for your perusal.

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