Python Basics with Aaryan Kapur!

Hey there!
Welcome to the basics of python, I am Aaryan Kapur, and I will be taking you from Zero to Hero for Python!

This session is an introductory one so we will get to know each other, understand the learning paths, figure out the frequency, and if required we will also create separate batches for different learners.

We will start right from understanding Python to installing it and writing your first ever Python Code!

About Me:
I am a student, teacher, a developer, a gamer, and most of all I am excited to meet you all!

I work with a lot of kids right from grade 6, to get them into coding, understanding what it brings with it and what they can do with it!

I also mentor research fellows, guiding them and working with them on some of the biggest challenges we can get our hands on!

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Know Me Better: