Rain Water Harvesting Workshop in Hyderabad on May 15, 2016

Rain Water Harvesting Workshop in Hyderabad on May 15, 2016

With Mansoon rains likely to arrive in a fortnight’s time, inviting all for a Workshop on Rain Water Harvesting on Sunday May 15th, 2016 from 10:30am onwards at Lamakaan lead by Subhash Reddy, T Vijayendra, Anant Maringanti.

Hyderabad like many big cities has become unsustainable in many ways, the foremost problem being water. The situation is only getting worse! Rain Water Harvesting is the solution for immediate damage control and an integral part of the way forward.

This workshop intends to address these with resource persons and actively engaged participants. The resource persons include- Subhash Reddy, SMARAN NGO-Save Rain Water, T Vijayendra, Anant Maringanti from HUL – Hyderabad Urban Labs;

They will share their expertise of the water crisis with respect to the city: The history, water management issues and more.

Participants includes those who are already actively engaged with RWH either at community or policy level. Together challenges, success stories will be shared and solutions will be explored.

Solutions will be addressed including introduction of water audit, equitable availability of water and a budget for mandatory water harvesting at government buildings/areas at Policy Level, and RWH at one’s own space, propagating of RWH in clubs, housing societies and the like which can be implemented at Community Level will also be addressed.

The workshop intends to bring together individuals and organizations inclined to focus on RWH in the city of Hyderabad to map the road ahead, empower them to take action and also produce a booklet and manifesto.

All are welcome.

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