Resin Art [Online Live Masterclass – Materials Kit Available]

Resin has been used for quite a long time. Resin materials from plants have been used for everything from art supplies to wood preservation to fragrances. The earliest evidence we have of the use of resin dates back to Ancient Greece. Chemical resins and epoxy resin, specifically, has not been around very long.

About the masterclass
The Canvas
Overall Details
In this masterclass, the artist will show how versatile this artform can be and how she has implemented this artform onto various products and wall art. Learn to make a resin painting & experience resin art like never before! Indulge in a unique learning experience of painting with clear resin.

Resin gives clear and glass-like finesse that creates an eye-catching masterpiece. Different types of paint react differently to the resin mixture giving you new formations to look forward to, every time. Sonali will be using easy to use Art Resin which is a high-gloss epoxy resin clear coat that creates a gorgeous, durable finish.

The colours in the palette
Elements you will learn
This will be a basic masterclass for those who are exploring resin art at a beginner’s level. The following topics will be covered during this session:

Get to make a high-gloss epoxy resin clear coat that creates a gorgeous, durable finish.
Get a glimpse of color theory
Step by step process of creating a work of art that enchants with their clarity, luminosity, brilliance, and depth.
This workshop will help the participants to learn the basics of resin art and also learn how feelings, thoughts, and emotions can be inculcated into their artworks.
using the skills you learn from this workshop, you could also use epoxy on wood, build your own epoxy river table, or create your own geode art with it!

What your Material kit will contain
Materials at your doorstep

Board: Size 11×14″
300gms Resin* : (225gms resin + 75gms hardener)
4 pigments – 25 g each (Ultramarine, Aquamarine, Sandstone, White)
2 QTY plastic cups for mixing
5 QTY paper cups
2 QTY big, 8 QTY small pop sticks
Pair of a nitrile glove
2 straws
Digital weighing scale

Other Materials Required:

Waste Cloth
Small torch or cigarette lighter or barbecue torch

  • EPOKE Art Epoxy Resin is a 2 part, high gloss, transparent, crystal clear resin system which is specially designed for coating, casting, and lamination applications.

The scope of creativity
Further prospects and application of what you will be learning
Resin is a versatile medium from home decor to office decor, dinning table decor to dinning table, coffee table to side table, painting to shelves to cupboard to kitchen cabinet doors to swing, nam