Studio Fifteen | Vegan and Gluten Free Mithai with Chef Raveena Taurani

Raveena Taurani is the Founder and CEO of Yogisattva.

In 2014, she had a severe spine injury which led her to re-discover Yoga. It was during her journey in Ashtanga Yoga that she was introduced to raw and vegan food. The strength and focus she gained by being on this lifestyle was immeasurable. Her interest was piqued by the health benefits of unprocessed food and the eagerness to learn more took her to Bali where she trained as a Raw Food Chef at The Seeds Of Life in 2015. In 2015 and 2016, she received certification in Culinary Nutrition and Sports Nutrition with a focus in Raw and Plant Based Food from the Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy in California. In 2019, she qualified as an Advanced Vegan Diploma Graduate from Demuths in England.

What started out as her making smoothies for her friends post a workout session has now grown into something much bigger. Yogisattva now has a space of its own as a Culinary Academy and Farm to Fork Delivery Kitchen on the 7th Floor of Pinnacle House, Above Arth Restaurant, on 15th Road Khar.

Yogisattva is India’s First Whole Foods Plant Based Culinary Academy combined with a Farm to Fork Plant Based Delivery Kitchen located in Mumbai. They teach and retail unprocessed nutrient dense Plant Based Food. Yogisattva literally translates as ‘Yoga Being’. Yoga is an eight-fold path towards enlightenment and every person is on a different stage of this eightfold path, making each individual a ‘Yogisattva’.

Discover how to change your life one meal at a time with Chef Raveena at Yogisattva.

In this workshop,Chef Raveena will demonstrate:

Gajjar Ka Halwa, Walnut Praline
Fudgy Coconut and Almond Butter Ladoo
Rose & Cardamom Barfi

About Studio Fifteen

When Chef Pooja Dhingra set up the Le15 Patisserie kitchen in March 2010 the plan was to run baking and cooking classes out of it. And she did exactly that, with weekend classes every month for three years. Then, there came a point at which she felt that they could do a lot more with a kitchen space that was dedicated to culinary workshops. And Studio Fifteen was born as a culinary hub for everything from workshops, to private lessons and corporate training sessions, to pop-up meals and chef collaborations. The classes were aimed at everyone who just wanted to learn how to bake or cook in an environment that wasn’t intimidating. The mission of this space was to encourage people to absorb and share knowledge. After all, it was born of her own constant need to keep learning and growing.

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