Urban Sketching Workshop for Beginners by Mayuri Choudhary

Waiting for inspiration to strike before you put your pencil to paper? This is something that happens to most of us. Here’s a new art form which will let you find inspiration almost instantly. Join us for a beginners workshop of Urban Sketching where you will learn to capture beautiful architecture around you and that too in your own style.

What will you learn:

An introduction to Urban Sketching and mediums and tools to use
How to use variations in strokes to define shapes and textures
How to visualise and practice with simple elements in a scene
Sketch a simple and beautiful cityscape/monument on your own

About the Instructor – Mayuri Choudhary:

An IIT Bombay Grad, Traveler and an artist who dabbles in writing poetry and video/photography as well, has been creating memories of her travels using Urban Sketching art for almost 6 years. She publishes her artworks and other creative pursuits on her instagram @ChirpChirpFly