Webinar on Gaming Journalism

In collaboration with Trigger 2, Storyteller Inc, Pickspot is organizing a webinar on Gaming Journalism.

A webinar which will guide on how to earn money while playing video games.

This webinar will entail thorough guidance from Trigger 2 mentors on the below items –

-> Basics of Gaming Journalism
-> Types of gaming journalism content – opinions, reviews, round ups etc. and how to write and curate the same for the audience
-> Freelancing and regular job opportunities available in the market and how to leverage these skills to earn money

Not only this, all the participants would get to intern with Trigger 2 and selected few will get the opportunity to go for paid Internships as well depending on their performance in the unpaid internship after the workshop. Details of internship would be shared during the webinar.

Each participant would recieve –

Digital Certificate for the unpaid internship after completion from Trigger 2 
On on one guidance from Trigger 2 at all the times 

For more details write to us at @pick_spot

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