Youtube Workshop in Hyderabad on July 30, 2016

Youtube Workshop in Hyderabad on July 30, 2016

Do you want to Make passive money?

Do you want to show your talent?

Do you want to promote your business for free?

Do you want to get more customers?

Are you looking to start your own Youtube channel?

Do you want to build your Brand online?

Youtube workshop provides you how to grow your channel and make revenue and grow your business. This is a fastest growing platform where you can achieve it. This is an opportunity where you can take control in your life. EntrepreneurGyan helps you to grow. We are into workshops & seminars and done multiple workshops in Hyderabad, Bangalore,Chennai . Hundreds of students are benefited from these sessions

With the help of Youtube not only grow your channel. You will know all about Youtube at the workshop. This would be the eye opener. you will learn all about Youtube Fundamentals and ways we can Promote our brand and how Top YouTubers Make revenue out of This platform.

Anybody can attend this workshop who loves to make videos . or want to make this into the profession . I will be sharing my experience on Youtube. and provide a foundation towards YouTube.

Step by step process

5 important ways YouTubers make money.
How to create videos
How to create youtube channel
How to activate AdSense
How to linkup youtube with Adsense
Copy rights issues
How to use copy free images and audio and videos
trainer personal experience
Best software to use
How to promote your Channel
Techniques and things to promote a successful Youtuber
How to Get Brand deals and offers from company
How to promote your services
Fundamentals & Advance materials provided.

Trainer Info:

His name is AlphaSantosh He is the founder of Entrepreneurgyan a Leading organization where provide workshops helping people to grow as individual or business for success.AConducted multiple another workshop on related to Youtube, Social Media. Freelancing & self-development

Anybody can attend students,startup,Housewives,Entrepreneurs anybody who wants to learn workshop

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Contact: Alphasantosh – 9700500515

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