From: January 28, 2017
To: January 29, 2017
Venue:    Mumbai, India
Mumbai, India

HDFC Life Mobility Hack in Mumbai from January 28-29, 2017

Are You Ready to Disrupt the Insurance Industry in just 24 Hours?

If you look around, technology is increasingly playing a huge role in our everyday lives, to the extent that new and revolutionary business models are being rolled out, led majorly by technological advancements. We have moved from all paper format to online, from cumbersome branch visits to self-service, and from intuitions to insights. But we don’t want to stop here. We want to improve the way we serve our customers, we want a better way to sell our products, we want to design new products that our customers actually need. In each of these, technology plays a big role.

Don’t miss this opportunity to join the HDFC Life Hackathon to compete in developing innovative solutions to solve real problems and create great opportunities for differentiation.

So, put on your thinking caps and come up with ways of making Life Insurance interesting for people. You can create mobile themes, develop web apps or SDKs. We are changing the way we think in our organization and want you to be a part of driving this change.

HDFC Life Mobility Hack in Mumbai from January 28-29, 2017

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