Radiance 2013 – Technical Fest in IIT Bombay on March 10, 2013

Venue :

IIT Bombay, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Date : March 10, 2013

The Annual Research And Technology Festival Of The Department Of Mechanical Engineering At IITB. Over The Years, It Has Built It’s Own Legacy And Reputation Of Being A Platform For Fostering Brotherhood Amongst The Mechanical Engineering Family Across The Nation. It Is No Longer Just A Pure Technical Festival, But A Stage For Discussion And Exchange-Of The Challenges Plaguing Mechanical Engineering, Of The Wide World Of Opportunities That Lie Before Us, And Of The New Innovative And Creative Ideas That Just Strike People, In The \”\”Radiance\”\” Environment.

Radiance 2013 - Technical Fest in IIT Bombay on March 10, 2013

With Visitors And Guests From More Than 100 Colleges And Corporate Companies, Radiance Is Just Getting Bigger And Bigger. Thrilling Competitions, Innovative And Fresh Paper Presentations, Exciting Hands On Workshops And Exhibitions That Are A Treat To The Eye, Radiance Promises So Much Quality And Delivers, Every Single Time.

Events :

Race car Engineering
Photography competition
Lectures on Race Car Engineering
Scilab Workshop

Organizers :

Mayur Kacholiya – +91-9028140874
Shivangi Joshi – +91-9769810619

Website URL : http://radianceiitb.org/index.html
Facebook Page URL : http://www.facebook.com/radiance.iitb
Twitter Profile : https://twitter.com/RadianceIITB
YouTube Link : http://www.youtube.com/radianceiitb

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