AquaEx India 2018 – Conference in Hyderabad from March 15-17, 2018

AquaEx India 2018 -  Conference in Hyderabad from March 15-17, 2018

AquaEx India 2018, Hitex, Hyderabad (15-17 March):
AquaEx India 2018 will showcase the Latest Technologies, Modern Equipment, Services, Support Schemes from Govt, Investment Opportunities, Advice, Branding, Return on Investments, Output Trends, Economics, Import/Export, Process Automation, Education & Training, Transport & Logistics, Retail, Packaging and Marketing. With an approach that is holistic and practical with every touch-point, AquaEx is the most sought after fisheries and aquaculture technology, knowledge and trade show not only in India but all of South Asia.

AquaEx India 2018 – Knowledge Conclave (12 Sessions, 15-17 March):
AQUAEX INDIA 2018, the Mega Fisheries and Aquaculture Expo for South Asia brings the 3 days Knowledge Conclave which will focus on topics of current interest to the industry. Inspiring, thought-provoking, problem solving presentations by Fisheries Experts with rich academic and industry background followed by detailed discussions and exchanges shall focus on the emerging trends in fisheries and aquaculture to the existing as well as expected future challenges. Be a part of the Knowledge Conclave to update yourself of current developments in the industry.

Seafood Festival (15-17 March):
An excellent seafood festival is arranged on all days between 15-17 March for the citizens of Hyderabad. Come and enjoy the amazing local seafood delicacies of India as well as global cuisine. Along with the food festival, there will be fun-fare cookery shows with celebrated chefs. Enthusiasts will learn popular seafood recipes, originating from all kinds of different cultures, and hear kitchen stories from around the world.