Campus Party India in Hyderabad from September 14-19, 2016

Campus Party India in Hyderabad from September 14-19, 2016

Campus party is more than an event, it is the biggest and unique technology experience in the world. 20 years ago, Campus party started when a small group of geeks decided to have a LAN party with some 300 people in the city called Molina, in Spain. In 2008, Campus party went international, with their first Campus in Latin America Countries-Brazil and Columbia. After 54 successful editions around the globe, this biggest tech-fest is all set to mark its presence in India in the month of September 2016. Campus party inspires and prepares the campuseros and the cities on the challenge of being neuralgic part of change that humanity will live in the coming years. Their stated goal is to bring together the best talent in areas regarding technology and Internet to share experiences and innovate for a “better tomorrow”. It provides an interactive space where visitors can come to feel and touch the future, because the goal is to inspire everyone to participate in the Campus Party. Renowned personalities from around the world have participated in previous campus parties such as Al Gore, Stephen Hawking, Vinton Cerf, Tim Berners-Lee, and Steve Wozniak among others.

Register yourself today and keep updated on the activities of Campus Party India. The format, already present in 11 countries around the world since 1997, provides a week of intense networking and activities that focus on innovation, science, robotics, creativity, digital and youth entrepreneurship culture.

How do you feel the future?

The question is tricky because the future, just like the horizon, is unattainable: the closer we get to the horizon line, the more it moves away.

Yet, to avoid that new technologies generate little desirable impact, you need to act in advance, understand the changes taking place and take possession of the future even before it happens.

This is our goal at Campus Party India (# CPIN1): provide campuseros a pair of glasses that allows them to observe the horizon (the future), seeing it for the first time, more clear and crisp than they have ever done before

#CPIN1 does not suggest a common understanding of the future, but provides the useful operational tools because everyone can become independent in designing their own future and develop critical thinking with regard to the issues which are closely related to innovation and technology.

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