DevFest Indore 2023

What is DevFest 2023?

DevFests are local tech conferences hosted by Google Developer Groups (GDG) around the world. These are community-led events organized for local developers to connect, learn and innovate together.

What’s so unique about DevFest?

Different from a meetup or speaker session, DevFests cover multiple topics and offer a suite of activities that aim to help local developers come together to learn, build and understand the full suite of Google’s developer tools and tech trends.

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What’s in it for you?

GDG Indore communities represents local and global tech enthusiasts. We want everyone to be a part of a well-knit community and support everyone in their advancements.

DevFests presents you with a big opportunity to-

Be a part of industry experts led amazing sessions, that too live!
Expand your network with like-minded people
Explore the current tech trends and advancements and more…
What’s new in DevFest Indore 2023 ?

This year, GDG Indore brings you different tracks to choose from! DevFest Indore 2023 has got many tracks like AI/ML, Web, Cloud, Startups and more, to cater the interest of every developer.

And we’re open for all! From novice beginners to working professionals, everyone is welcome to be a part of this year’s biggest tech event.