Fail Fest 2.0 – One Conversation at a Time in Hyderabad on June 26, 2014

Fail Fest 2.0 - One Conversation at a Time in Hyderabad on June 26, 2014

What is FailFest?

FailFest is a fun, engaging & inspiring forum that aims to change the conversations around Failure by focusing on the learnings from failure.

FailFest is all about:
– Learning. Reflection. Introspection
– Victory over Vulnerability
– Acts of bravado
– Following your heart; your passion
– Tenacity in times of adversity
– Opportunity to find fellow journeymen
– Gaining Insight and Hindsight; developing Foresight

Why the emphasis on Failure?

Failure is considered undesirable, unacceptable. an outright defeat and a complete disaster. However, Failure by all means, is truly ‘inevitable’. It is a quintessential part of life and we get to see it time and again. Like the classic dichotomies of life: Day-Night, Good-Bad, Black-White, Failure forms a pair with Success. However, one can’t succeed every single time. We are bound to screw up on some occasions. But at the end it’s these failures that help us learn. These mistakes enable us to think, be creative and do the innovative. FailFest is a manifestation of this whole idea around learning from failure and changing the existing conversations around Failure by redefining it.

So, in essence the focus is not on Failure but on Learning from it.

What to expect from FailFest?

At FailFest 1.0 held on May 3, 2013, we invited people from all walks of life, from book authors and actors to techies and entrepreneurs. Anybody, who wanted to share their major learnings from failure, with a compelling storyline was welcome.

The speakers spoke about their challenging journeys where they faced failure, in some form or the other at every step and shared their biggest learnings from those thrilling experiences.

FailFest 2.0 will follow a similar format, but with a more collaborated effort with the audience

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