HR Summit 2014 by NASSCOM in Chennai from July 23-24, 2014

HR Summit 2014 by NASSCOM in Chennai from July 23-24, 2014

Change. Change. Change! – Reimagining HR

Unless we are living under a rock, we all know the global economy is going through a change and India seems to be in the center of it. The rate of globalization in the past few years has been nothing short of phenomenal. At the same time, several economic and technological changes are altering the employment pattern.

Given these conditions, new ways of thinking and operating models are needed. So to add value in the “new” organization, HR professionals must play new roles and demonstrate broader competencies.

For years in India, HR had served as an administrative agent. However, this has now changed. No longer is business expecting HR to run in its own silo, but to create a strategic partnership with fruitful gains. Gone are the days where business looked at HR only for the two slips – the pay slip and the pink slip. HR is now not only supposed to talk the language of business but also walk it. And in India, where businesses are trying to innovate day in day out whether in delivery or products, HR needs to keep up.

If HR needs to look for inspiration, it doesn’t need to look westwards, just at India’s story and requirements. With the world’s largest population and most of it being youth, HR needs to work towards adapting to Gen Y’s requirements. With their “SMS Language” and independent fundas, Gen Y can no longer be ignored. Of course, the Indian work force has many other nuances – from an expat population that needs to be managed in a very different country to women who are rejoining the work force, the HR of today needs to manage it all.

And this defines the HR we need today in India. Yes, business does require HR to be a strategic partner. But in order to do that, HR cannot use the ‘One size fits all’ model of success anymore. HR needs to customize and adapt to India’s unique requirements so they can truly add value and leave their stamp.

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