Hysea Annual Summit Awards 2015 in Hyderabad from March 11-12, 2015

Hysea Annual Summit Awards 2015 in Hyderabad from March 11-12, 2015

The HYSEA Annual Summit is back! HYSEA is happy to announce the next edition of its “Software Product Competition & Showcase 2015 as part of its Annual Summit & Awards on 11th – 12th March 2015 at HICC, Hyderabad, celebrating technology, products, startups and SMEs.

Software Product Competition

Software Product Competition brings together the start-ups, established product companies, and the investor community to celebrate the burgeoning start-ups and the software products space in Hyderabad which has seen significant traction and growth in recent years. The 22nd edition of HYSEA Annual Software Products showcase and awards event will celebrate and highlight this traction and recognize interesting start-ups and product companies in various categories in its Annual Awards event on March 12th 2015. The event will help uncover new support initiatives for the new emerging startups and provide a forum to showcase to the national investors and start-up mentor community, the serious traction and promising start-ups we have here at Hyderabad.

Software Products & Startups Conclave

Founders of Very successful startup – ted like talks on their journey
Large corp/MNC Design Heads- showing and talking about the design process of an interesting product from their company
Design firm founders- sharing entrepreneurial design experiences/products worked on & how they grew their creative org

Design Summit

Will be a summit of design professionals, startups, technology consumers and the broader design community. It will have inspiring talks from successful technology product founders, design heads in product companies showcasing some interesting product designs, design firms sharing their experiences with design, discussions on design thinking and customer centric design, design unconference, showcase of interesting design products and product design workshops.

1. TED like 18 minute talks. Inspiring and interesting, from designers about interesting designs.
2. Physical products showcase (4 minute demo based presentations, of interesting designs)

SME Conclave

IT SMES today are poised to grow on the back of tremendous opportunities that are unfolding as more and more businesses globally seek to use IT as a differentiator. Compelling competitive pressures have upped the need to digitalize businesses world over and the appetite for technology spend promises a world of opportunities. These opportunities come with their own set of challenges pushing the companies to absorb newer technologies, new business models and need for speed in execution through “agile” methodologies and processes that require appropriately skilled talent without which it is impossible to win in the market place. The SME conference will focus on: 1. being an eye opener to the companies the need to push for Innovation as a means to grow their business. 2. ‘Talent Magnetism to onboard and leverage human capital to fuel innovation and growth.

Annual awards

The prestigious Annual HYSEA Industry Awards will be presented to honor IT/ITES and Software Product development companies for their major achievements in Exports, Productivity, Product development, and CSR Best practices to motivate them to do better in the future.

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