International Conference on Sustainable Computing and Smart Systems

The future global sustainability depends on the design and development of new technologies to address the emerging stability and reliability challenges. The recent technologies such as artificial intelligence, internet of things, edge computing, and cloud computing leverage a great opportunity to prepare humans for a smarter world that can better handle the upcoming sustainability challenges. There has been a great deal of interest in the research discipline of sustainable computing as well as its practical implications, however there are only limited research viewpoints lacking the required broader perspective. The International Conference on Sustainable Computing and Smart Systems (ICSCSS 2023) has been proposed to present participants with the most recent research in sustainable computing and smart technologies. Participants are invited from academia as well as industry to submit their research works in the broad spectrum of โ€œSmart, connected technologies and sustainable computingโ€, to exchange research ideas and information across this platform. The objective of this conference is to increase the research thrust on sustainable future by bringing together the leading researchers, academicians, scholars, scientists and industrialists to facilitate the personal interaction, exchange and share their research thoughts and experiences.