Product Leaders Forum Hyderabad 2015 – Conference on October 30, 2015

Product Leaders Forum Hyderabad 2015 - Conference on October 30, 2015

Product Leaders Forum Hyderabad 2015 – Annual Event for Senior Product Practitioners

Celebrating Product Leaders in India: Product Leadership Forum (PLF) goes beyond speeches, one-sided talks and extended presentations on a common topic! Learn the how and why of Product Leadership from Industry Leaders who know and do. Whether you are a Business Leader, Product Leader, Technology Marketer, Engineering Lead, Architect, Intrapreneur or an Entrepreneur; PLF is a compendium of resources that enables you to connect with a peer network that you can’t afford to miss.

Key Takeaways:

Learn about industry best practices in Product Management
Create better product roadmaps for successful implementation of technology
Understand how to engage and inspire your team for corporate innovation

The forum is a volunteer driven, non profit initiative.

Why Attend?

1. 10+ Hands On Sessions/Workshops on New Age Skills
Design /thinking, Product Management, UX, Service to Product -many skill building sessions
2. Best Practices Panels led by Industry Execs –
No Keynotes, No Gyan – Only relevant, Actionable Insights from practitioners
3. Network with Professionals who Matter –
20+ Industry Executives, Practice Gurus, Senior Professionals (10+ years exp)

Who Should Attend?

Product Managers, Business Leaders, Technology Marketeers –
Active Study Sessions. Relevant Networking
Whether its getting into a techno-business role or accelerating your product management career in the next orbit, this event will exposure you to enough best practices and peer networks that you will regret it if you don’t attend!

Engineering Leads, Architects, Project/Program Managers –
Understand practical Design Thinking to go from Code Centric to Customer Centric
Go beyond the understanding of how vs the why of product execution. How CTO career paths are different than people management. I know Cloud, Big Data, Analytics but how can I apply that for better product road map decision making.

Entrepreneurs, Intrepreneurs:

Beyond startups and fundraising, understand how to start “inside” the organization!
Business Managers have to see before they believe in, Entrepreneurs have to believe in it before seeing it. Understand from fellow senior execs and BU Heads on how they are engaged in corporate innovation and inspiring intrapreneurs.

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