TCET MUN 2014 – Conference in Mumbai from September 19-21, 2014

TCET MUN 2014 - Conference in Mumbai from September 19-21, 2014

“TCET-MUN Conference is a three-day simulation of the United Nations for students studying across India, taking place on 19th-21st September 2014 at Thakur College of Engineering & Technology, Mumbai.

TCET-MUN offers an excellent opportunity to expand, develop and put into practice public speaking skills, on an informal as well as on a formal level. All the associated activities such as preparing resolutions, lobbying and debating will be carried out in this three day of the Conference which demands the formulation of ideas, whether in the writing of resolutions or in arguing and debating with fellow students.

TCET-MUN 2014 will see a simulation of 4 United Nations committees viz, the Security Council(UNSC), the Human Rights Council(UNHRC), the Disarmament and Security Committee(DISEC), and the Special Decolonization Committee(SPECPOL).

TCET-MUN 2014 envisages having a Research & Documentation Centre for the student diplomats. The Research & Documentation Centre will be a source of providing research documents on every country and crisis information all over the world, thus enabling the student diplomats to be up-to-date on current news.

The object of TCET-MUN 2014 is to seek thorugh discussion, negotiation and debate, solutions to the various problems of the world: questions of human rights, protection of the environment, economic development, the problems of youth and of refugees, as well as the critical issues of war and peace. The research and preparation required, the adoption of views and attitudes other than their own, the involvement and interaction with so many other young people from across India, all combine to give the young people a deep insight to the world’s problems, to make them aware of the causes of conflict between nations and to lead them to a better understanding of the interests and motivation of others. Therefore, TCET-MUN 2014 aims at overall development to the students participating in this three day simulation of the United Nations Committees.”


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