TEDxTISS in Mumbai on October 1, 2017

TEDxTISS in Mumbai on October 1, 2017

TEDxTISS is an independently organized TED event, focused on bringing speakers and participants together for sharing ideas.
We believe that thoughts and ideas coupled with energy can transform lives and eventually the world.

Theme: On the continuum

Something that keeps on going, changing gradually, like a continuum of the four seasons. As nature changes from autumn to spring, blossoming into something beautiful by a continuous process of efforts and progress. Continuum suggests the changes that constantly take place around us. It shows the nature of the change which needs to happen for a sustained life.

We at TEDxTISS, wants to bring forward and showcase the ones who brought about this change by invigorating an idea worth taking forward and making that the aim of their lives, in the process achieving something which no one has achieved earlier.

List of Speakers:

1) Ratan J. Batliboi: Trustee of CRY

Topic: Ratan J Batliboi in his talk would throw light on ‘What goes into the making of a resilient organization- The story of CRY’

2) Shrishtee Sethi: TISS PhD scholar, Citizen Historian at the 1947 Partition Archive

Topic: Her talk will be around ideas of home, borderlands and citizenship within the historical context of the Partition analysing ‘the journey’ as well as ‘the destination’ which one aspires for.

3) Tinker Labs Duo – Kunal Gupta and Ankur Grover

Topic: Their talk will be focussed on how a simple desire to invigorate engineering education using Design Thinking gradually led them to unlocking human potential for innovation across fields like technology, social impact & business.

4) Manit Ramaiya: A Concept Developer with Ecophon

Topic: ‘How Sound Affects People’ – Relationship between Human Beings and Surrounding Environment

5) Adam Dunn: Co-founder of KarmaDue

Topic: He will talk will about the seemingly unrelated issues of automation and wealth inequality and how society can use technology to fashion a solution to the problems posed by these issues.

6) Ravi Nitesh: Founder of Mission Bhartiyam & Aaghaz-e-Dosti

Topic: His talk will be about how Indo-Pak conflict affects people in both countries and how communication can help solve these problems.

7) Aditya Tewari: Single parent to adopt a special need child

Topic: He would talk about his journey and rights of special need children.

8) Nimisha Verma:  A freelance model for fine art, a photographer, founder of ‘Home for artists’

Topic: She would talk about her ardent passion for the unique idea of Home for artists and her future dream of an academic space for artists.

Keep eyes at this and other social networking sites for KeyNote Speakers

We look forward at the event.

STUDENT PASS Available for any college student: Just bring the college ID at the registration desk!

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