The Generosity Summit 2015 – Conference in Hyderabad from May 22-24, 2015

The Generosity Summit 2015 - Conference in Hyderabad from May 22-24, 2015

Generosity is in! We see it on TEDx. Coca-cola’s “Happiness” campaign is built on it. Global conferences are being held for it.The Church is certainly warming up to it. And now, to champion this rewarding way of life – that is a True Believer’s hallmark – we’re so happy to host an event whose time has come – The Generosity Summit. Positioned as the flagship event for the voice of generosity, this national-level come-together is going to be a challenging time of questions, conversations, and solutions!

The Situation

The Bible repeatedly emphasizes the need for generosity. So how come we’re not seen as or known as a generous community?

Could it be that our lack of generosity towards the world around us is keeping us from being part of the transformation?

Why is it that, according to a nation-wide survey, 57% of Christian workers are in serious financial crisis?

The answers aren’t always easy, but it is clear that there’s a lot that we as Christians can and should be doing for India. Education. Healthcare. Counseling. Youth. These are all areas that we were once well known for.

And we believe if generosity grips us like it should, we’ll start contributing once again – significantly.

Join us, as Believers in Business, Corporates, Professions, Missions and Church leadership come together to ask ourselves: what if we were as generous as the Gospel?

Who is Invited?

The Generosity Summit is designed to be a discussion, rather than a discourse. More practice, less theory.

While we do have some of the best Speakers already confirmed, it’s really the participant-mix that will help take what’s taught and work on the next steps.

Which is why we’d like the biggest hearts and the brightest minds to join us. If you’re interested, we’d like you to book a seat early, as seating is limited. And more than that, we’d like to share your profile with the others who are coming.

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