Young India Challenge (YIC) 2016 – Mumbai from October 22-23, 2016

Young India Challenge (YIC) 2016 - Mumbai from October 22-23, 2016

Mentorship or work opportunities are also offered by individuals from many of the following companies.

Key Partners/Mentors/Speakers: Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, KPMG, Boston Consulting Group, NDTV, Startup Weekend Powered by Google, BW|BusinessWorld, Cornitos, SaveLife Foundation, Sarvam Foundation, Young India Fellowship, Awesomeness Fest, Josh Talks, LensKart, CoWorkIn, Zo Rooms, I Impact India, Campus Candidly and many more.

As per the National Employability Report 2013 done by McKinsey for India, 47% graduates are not employable in any sector of the knowledge economy.

YIC is a Human Circle creation. Human Circle is a community of people driving the #DoWhatYouLove movement globally. Students, artists, freelancers, entrepreneurs, young professionals, authors, speakers, trainers, coaches, mentors and everybody else to believes that the only way to be truly successful, rich and happy in life is by doing what we love.

Are you the next change maker the world is waiting for?

Do you want to be the Top 1% whose voice really matters?

Do you want to create something remarkable that will last beyond your lifetime?

-Get ready to be inspired by a community of young turks, corporate leaders, social change makers, entrepreneurs and build solutions for a better future!

Young India Challenge is an invite-only transformational event that gathers the top young minds from across the country to innovate, connect and challenge. The tribe comprises of people who want to take action to turn their passion into a successful career. Take the first step to joining us by applying for YIC.

Being a delegate at Young India Challenge can be a rewarding experience if you –

> Want to #DoWhatYouLove
> Want to be a Youth Influencer
> Want to create an Impact
> Are an active Learner
> Are Social Media savvy
> Are committed to Excellence
> Have a Global Mindset

What could possibly the reason for the youngest country in the world to not fully utilize its greatest resource – the human potential of its people?

After speaking to thousands of young people from diverse groups and backgrounds, we believe that we have reached a point in our development where the new generation is demanding a dynamic education, corporate and social system that allows them to do what they love. There is a need to create a transformational culture that allows people to reach their fullest potential.

We, as catalysts, want to support you in your quest for self-awareness and excellence. We think the best way to begin this revolution is through experiential events and technology. We are connecting people who are innovative and passionate about impacting people and creating a more sustainable future.

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