Kya Karenge | A Live Tour by Osho Jain in Indore

About Osho Jain

Osho Jain, a captivating singer-songwriter hailing from the vibrant city of Indore, India, now calls the bustling city of Mumbai his home. A poetic soul, Osho’s music is an intimate reflection of his life, akin to reading pages from his personal diary.

Beyond the enchanting melodies, Osho’s music carries a profound message, touching on diverse themes. From the tender nuances of love in ‘Tu Aisa Kaise Hai’ to the pressing realities of climate change in ‘Kya Karenge’, his songs traverse the spectrum of human experience. His ability to seamlessly transition between these themes showcases the depth of his storytelling and the versatility of his musical prowess.

Osho Jain Live is like a wholesome musical conversation that will stick with you for a long long time.

About Kya Karenge Tour

Osho Jain is back on the road with his band for the ‘Kya Karenge’ tour.

“Kya Karenge is one of the most important songs I have ever written”. This tour is my own musical effort to inspire some change and bring a difference.

While on tour I will be releasing some new songs as well and that is what makes it even more exciting for me and the band.

A night full of music, storytelling and poetry with a band of 6 friends playing the music that they love is what you can look forward to. Are you ready to sing, laugh, scream and cry along?