Meghna & Loki – Thursday Live in Hyderabad

Meghna & Loki - Thursday Live in Hyderabad

Meghna & Loki - Thursday Live in Hyderabad

Simple and real is what we live by. We are a two-piece semi-acoustic cover band from Hyderabad. Since mid-2014 we have made a mark at all the leading live-music venues in the city, doing anywhere from 5-8 shows a week ever since. We perform multi-genre popular English music from the glorious 60’s to the recent ones and we cover artists from The Beatles and Bob Marley to Sia and John Mayer. With me, Meghna Dundi on Lead vocals/keyboard and Lokhi Pai on acoustic rhythm guitar/backing vocals creating a sound with recognized quality. Lokhi Pai is Hyderabad’s most seasoned and respected rhythm guitarist. A power-house on this instrument and every vocalist’s strength, he has spawned several bands in the city and has mentored many musicians as well. Having been a Math and Physics teacher for 32 years, music has always been his beckoning. Meghna Dundi, the winner of KWC 2013 India, represented her country in Finland for the world finals the same year. An engineering graduate who has been pursuing her dream by being a full-time musician is currently a renowned vocalist in Hyderabad. Together, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to playing music that everyone loves. We are very well-known in the city for the quality and music we bring to the stage.

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