Sensation Rise 2018 in Hyderabad on October 27, 2018

Sensation Rise 2018 in Hyderabad on October 27, 2018

World-renowned electronic music event, Sensation, will transform Hyderabad into the world’s biggest nightclub with a spine-tingling show full of fantasy.

The Sensation dance music festival is set to host a new show, RISE, in India on 27 th October 2018 at the Gachibowli stadium.

Originating in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Sensations RISE is said to symbolize breaking free from the worries and boundaries of daily life, letting go, and rising above yourself to ultimate euphoria.

Deviating from the notable centre stage, RISE will mark the beginning of a new era with an end-stage set-up, bringing a new Sensation experience to thousands of people around the world. This show embodies the message of freedom and rebirth. It is delicate, transparent, open-minded, and will bring you to a higher state of mind.

Committed to innovation and excellence, Sensation has earned the distinction of the world’s leading dance event. The festival is an experience where positivity, theatre and sophistication come together. The goal: to put aside day-to-day worries to plunge into a new state of euphoria. What started as a once-only event in 2000 has turned into an international phenomenon. During the years Sensation travelled through 35 nations. The event never ceases to amaze, with an all-white mandatory dress code, Sensation has united millions of people in the universal language of electronic music experiences.