Sunburn Holi Weekend Ft. Marshmello – Delhi

Sunburn Holi Weekend is back again with a bang!
Embark on a beat-dropping voyage as Marshmello bounces into India, turning up the volume across four electrifying cities. “Keep It Mello” as the bass drops in Bengaluru on March 22nd, “Silence” yourself with anticipation in Delhi on March 23rd, let the “Wolves” out in Mumbai on March 24th, and finally, “Find Me” in the crowd in Pune on March 25th. The thrill is real as Marshmello brings his iconic helmet and chart-topping tunes, ensuring every beat and drop is packed with his signature energy.

Join us for a symphony of pulsing lights and unforgettable melodies, where Marshmello’s anthems become the soundtrack to a night like no other. Let his beats guide you through a journey filled with euphoric drops and epic memories.

Don’t just stand there, “Find your way back home” to the heart of the musicβ€”tickets live NOW!