Odyssey 2015 – Annual Cultural Festival of IIIT Delhi from January 30-31, 2015

Odyssey 2015 - Annual Cultural Festival of IIIT Delhi from January 30-31, 2015

Sometimes the unreal overpowers the real, because nothing is as perfect as your imagination. Only the intangible ideas, concepts,beliefs and fantasies that last.

Aligned with a pursuit of innovation and with “Alternate Reality” as our theme for this year, we present to you, IIIT-Delhi’s second Annual Cultural Festival, Odyssey’15!

The best artists from all over India will be invited to the two day long fest. It will witness some brilliant talent perform , compete, collaborate and excel in various fields and competitions. We call you to this grand occasion to join hands and support us in our endeavour.


Each beat and step of a dancer can act as a stimulant and hence, we plan to invite an exuberant set of dancers to participate in events like Group Dance, Solo Dance, Faceoff or classical dance to take our viewers into a state of trance and mental freedom.


Inviting the best of bands and the euphonious kings and queens to participate in the mother of all musical events- The Battle of Bands, the soul touching Acoustic Hymns, the classical music event- Swaraanchal, the melodious- Encore and the Underground Music Movement.


The curtains will be raised for all but the limelight will shine on the ones with just the right attitude. Join us on our search for the most iconic girl and the most charming boy in Mr. and Miss odyssey. Watch some of the cliched fashion statements get busted to give way to something completely new in the Fashion Parade.


The events in this category will bring together theatre enthusiasts from all over the country to put the best show of their skills in acting and direction. Get ready to witness the viewpoints of today’s youth vetted through the medium of street plays. Also lookout for the ever famous “Solo Mime Act”!


We present to you our Gaming Event- PWNED v5.0. Having been the first ever DotA tournament to be held in Delhi, PWNED has come a long way in being a gaming competition. Hosting a variety of games, such as DotA, Counter Strike, FIFA and many more, PWNED promises to be bigger and bolder.

Fine Arts

Inviting all the budding artists to get their wheels of imagination rolling through a plethora of art events like the art carnival- Artival comprising of Arty Graffity, MASK-ermind, Cartoonista and much more. Or you could try your hands at Imaginacia, Two Tones and Paint Odyssey.


This category will test the participants on a variety of domains of knowledge through quizzes such as the Sports Quiz, the Literary Quiz or the Pop Culture Quiz. Also check out the most popular Harry Potter Quiz if you wish to be honored as the Order of Merlin First Class.

Literary & Spoken Arts

You think you know how to put across ideas convincingly? Got an itch to grammatically correct others? Love cracking jokes? This is just the right category for you. Events like Debating, PJMaster, Hoax Pocus and Grammar Nazi await your presence.

Digital Arts

Odyssey ’15 provides the participants an opportunity to utilize their photography and designing skills and at the same time win some pretty cool prizes too. Events like Photography, Minimalistic Posters, Build Your Brand, Visual Arts and Video Making await you. Get rolling.


This category invites participants with a penchant for simulating the market with cool moves and trading techniques. Event like Rookie Markets will definitely wake up your gray cells!


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