Septic Progression 2014 – Live Event in Secunderabad on October 25, 2014

Septic Progression 2014 - Live Event in Secunderabad on October 25, 2014

Septic Progression is a DIY concept started in 2012 by 3 bands. Featuring Hyderabad’s ‘Skrypt’ and Bangalore’s ‘Eccentric Pendulum’ and ‘Theorized’, this event was aimed at taking the music of the 3 bands to other parts of India.

This year unfortunately Theorized will be unable to join the show but Escher’s Knot will be joining and it promises to be the biggest Septic Progression show till date.

Performing bands:

Eccentric Pendulum: Critically acclaimed progressive metal band from Bangalore, ‘Eccentric Pendulum’ have been on the forefront in the Indian progressive metal scene for half a decade. Having released 2 studio albums and receiving amazing reviews for both, the band is currently working on their 3rd studio release, which will definitely showcase the abstract and progressive nature that people have come to expect of this act.
Being the first Indian band to play the ‘Wacken Open Air Festival’ in Germany and having toured Europe twice, the band has shared stage with the likes of Opeth, Karnivool, Meshuggah, TesseracT, Enslaved, Cerebral Bore, Immortal, Textures, Amon Amarth, etc.
The band has also won a number of awards including Jack Daniels’ Rock Awards ‘Best Drummer’, Rolling Stones Metal Awards ‘Best Metal Album’, ‘Best Bassist’ and ‘Best Drummer’.

Skrypt: Skrypt is a 5 piece groove/thrash metal act and have been one of the most famous metal acts to come out of the city of Hyderabad in the last decade. Having released an EP and playing a host of shows in and around the country, the band has shared stage with Xerath, Nervecell, Cyanide Serenity, Thurisaz and Torch.
The band is known for their energetic live performances and amazing sense of groove.

Escher’s Knot: Escher’s Knot is one of India’s tightest groove/death metal acts. Considered a supergroup of sorts, the band consists of members from IIIrd Sovereign, Ston’d, Blood&Iron, Theorized and Trojan Horse.
Having released an EP in 2010, this album showcased the extreme groove/death style that this band is known for. Having supported Lamb of God and playing a host of shows around the country, Escher’s Knot is currently writing and pre-producing their full-length debut. The band is widely known for their extreme live act and musical prowess.

Supporting Act :
Fear Vortex (Progressive Metal) from Hyderabad.

Gig starts at 6:30pm.

Running order –

Fear Vortex
Eccentric Pendulum
Escher’s Knot

Entry – Rs 350/-

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