Twelfth Night in Hyderabad December 12, 2015

Twelfth Night in Hyderabad December 12, 2015

Two worlds collide in #Filter’s explosive take on Shakespeare’s lyrical #TwelfthNight. Experience the madness of love in this heady world where riotous gig meets Shakespeare.

Olivia’s melancholic, puritanical household clashes head on with Sir Toby’s insatiable appetite for drunken debauchery. Orsino’s relentless pursuit of Olivia and Malvolio’s extraordinary transformation typify the madness of love in Illyria — land of make-believe and illusion.

This story of romance, satire and mistaken identity is crafted into one of the most exciting and accessible Shakespeare productions of recent years.

In this seemingly informal production the stage is covered in cables, technical equipment, synthesisers, microphones, amplifiers and supporting instruments that enable Filter to create the world of the play through sound.

Performed under house lights or in broad daylight with all actors except for one in casual costumes, the experience is almost more like a rock concert than classic theatre.

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