Adaptations – Pune’s First Phygital Exhibition with NFT

Adaptations – Pune’s First Phygital Exhibition with NFT
Visit this first unique Phygital exhibition in Pune! The Phygital exhibition has physical artworks on display with the corresponding NFT in the digital world. And every art collector gets both Physical and digital (NFT) versions of the artwork!

Theme: Adaptations of Culture heritage life and Technology.

We reveal the stories of ourselves and our pasts in this exhibition not limited to our immediate upbringing but generations before us showing the struggle life and culture of souls before us.

The works in ” ADAPTATION” demonstrate that history continues to reverberate through time impacting the present and future.

They seek to uncover these histories to hold true to the past as the only way to move forward. They aspire to understand who we are.

This exhibition is curated by Ms. Risha Mridha (youngest art curator a 17year homeschooled student aspiring to be in the field of art management and business)

Do visit and share with your friends family and art lovers….

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