PET FIESTA Bengaluru

Why should you attend?
An impressive gathering of over 200 Cats and 300 Dogs
Engaging Pool Party in two full-size swimming pools for dogs
Enlightening Pet Expert Talks, Grooming and Workshops

Much awaited Event for South Bangalore folks..

PET FIESTA is not just an event; it`s an opportunity to bring together kindred spirits who share an unwavering love for pets. Imagine the joy of your beloved dogs meeting their furry counterparts, sharing insights with fellow pet owners, learning from industry experts, and partaking in a plethora of enjoyable activities including Agility, Pets Got Talent, and even a Pets Ramp Walk.

• Heartwarming Pet Adoption drive
• Agility Zone to witness pets` incredible prowess
• Captivating Pet Fashion Show
• Aquascaping to explore the aquatic pet world
• Dedicated Vet Zone for expert consultations
• Display of skills in the Dog IGP sport
• Encounter with Exotic pets
• Insightful sessions with Equine Experts

No Charge for Pets!!
Free Entry for Kids below 5 years..
Please Join us even if you don`t have Pets.