Swap and Drop | Evergreen Shopping (Every Sunday)

Let’s Make Swapping and Donating unused items a trend in itself!

That way we’re going to keep a check on land waste we produce annually. Also, we’re sure you have always wanted to own a pair of shoes or bag your friend owned. Who knows, maybe you’ll find what you like in our lot! We think this is the most sustainable way to keep fashion alive and also have a new wardrobe all the time.

Donate your gently used, clean and functional clothes, shoes, bags, pre-read books, accessories, appliances, artifacts and any item you feel is not being used by anymore. Things which you do not need may come in use for someone else, right?

1.) But make sure each and every item is in a good working/usable condition. (We do not accept any item if it old, torn or broken.)
2.) You can pick the same amount of items you’ve dropped with us.
3.) Once dropped or swapped the item cannot be taken back.
4.) You don’t need to necessarily swap items with another person. You can pick what you like from our collection.
5.) We do not accept plastic and synthetic items for exchange.

We encourage to see this as an opportunity to reduce carbon footprint on earth. Because clothing & goods account for around 5% of the global production (or 850 million metric tonnes) of CO2 emissions per year. Considering the clothing industry’s significant carbon footprint, the choices we make when we go shopping and how we look after our clothes/goods can make a real difference to the environment.

Every Sunday Our Sacred Space Chaurah Auditorium.
Timings: 12 pm to 2 pm