Indus Tech Expo 2024 – Machine Tools and Automation in Rudrapur, Uttrakhand

Welcome to the 28th Edition of Dronacharya Events!

Welcome to INDUS-tech Expo, your one-stop showcase for Industrial machines, Automation, and cutting-edge innovations in the manufacturing sector. Discover the latest technologies, cost-effective manufacturing solutions, and services designed for smart production. Whether you’re searching for reliable manufacturers, cost-effective production aids, or aiming to promote your products, INDUS-tech Expo is your comprehensive platform. In just three days, seize the opportunity to gather market insights, discover new buyers, and establish crucial contacts to propel your business. INDUS-tech Expo stands as the ultimate vantage point for witnessing the forefront of Industrial technologies and innovations. Our earlier editions set international standards, earning acclaim for their potential worth and return on investment. Join us at INDUS-tech Expo and chart the course for the future of Industrial excellence!

Discover growth opportunities at Indus Tech Expo in Rudrapur. Explore exhibits, gain insights, build connections.

Cutting-Edge Tech: Immerse in the latest advancements.
Networking Extravaganza: Connect with leaders and expand your network.
Proven Legacy: 28th editions of groundbreaking technologies.
Visitor Engagement: Join a diverse audience for collaboration.

Secure Your Space: Showcase your brand among influencers and potential clients. Reserve your spot now!

Be a Part of Progress. Be at Indus Tech Expo, Rudrapur