Kool Kanya Happier You: #Unblocked

An intimate workshop for 20 women to discover realities about anxiety and the Superwoman Syndrome, discuss the baggage of work-life stress, and de-clutter to lead a more fulfilling life.

This event is open to WOMEN only.

What To Expect?

  1. Case Studies
    Learn how people have dealt with anxiety

  2. Superwoman Syndrome And The Body
    Learn about the interconnections between anxiety and physical health

  3. Find Tools
    Learn healing techniques to deal with anxiety

  4. Questions Answered
    Get your personal questions answered by Dr. Alaokika

About Dr. Alaokika Bharwani

Dr. Alaokika Bharwani is a Clinically Trained Psychotherapist and Mental Health Consultant who has trained in India and the U.S and worked under some of the top professionals in the field. With over 15 years of experience as a Mental Health Expert, she has undergone specialty training at the premier Albert Ellis Institute, New York and Beck Institute, Philadelphia. Her past experience includes the position of a Senior Counselor and a Mental Health Consultant at Hindustan Unilever to administer Corporate Counselling and she now works at her private clinic called ‘The Healing Space’. She works with various types of emotional conditions that can crop up at different stages of one’s life like mood disorders, sexual disorders, and anxiety disorders.