Kommune Presents : Bring Your Best Slam 2.0, Bangalore

Hello Bangalore!

Last month, for our 15th Story Slam, we asked artists to bring their best. Their best stories, their best verses, their best performances.

And we got so many entries that we were able to curate two story slams, not just one! Earlier this month, we held the first one, and now it’s time for Bring Your Best Part 2 – The Sequel. A whole new set of performers, a whole new set of stories, but what is common between the two slams is that you’ll get a chance to witness some of the city’s finest performers share their art!
On September 1st, at The Courtyard, Shanti Nagar, we will host a Story Slam featuring stories and poems that range across a wide variety of genres – the only thing that’s assured is that there will be performances that move you, and get you to your feet!

Why Should You Attend The Story Slam?

– Kommune story slams are intimate evenings where storytellers and poets get a chance to tell their stories.
– It’s a chance to be part of a supportive crowd and see performers give their all on stage.
– Some of the best poets and storytellers have been story slam winners – this includes names like Mohammed Sadriwala and Gaurav Tripathi!