E Commerce Online Offline UnMeetup in ISB Hyderabad on July 25, 2015


– Startup Talks presenter will give intro about speakers
– Self intro of speakers and their inception of business (3-4 min each)
– Floor will be directly open for discussion with their queries and opinions, Instead of listening to speakers, you will get a chance to interact with them, support their opinion, discard, learn what they have learnt, know what others have to say about the same.

We hope this will ignite a lot of new thoughts for people who want to get in to or already in to E commerce Online or Offline.

Speakers List:

Karthik, Founder, Mydreamstore.in
Chinmay, Founder, clapone.com
Ankur, Founder, violetstreet.com
Ram Nuttaki, Founder, sloyd.in
Srinivas, Founder, Vdeliver.in
Subba Raju, Founder, realshoppee.com

Who can attend this?

– If you are ISB student, you can come directly to the event, in case you like to get more updates on our future events, please add your self as member and RSVP

– If you are not from ISB, we want to make sure we add value to you, please fill in your details in below link so that we would know if our context fits and helps you.

We will get back to you before the event to give you the confirmation.

Signup URL: https://goo.gl/Eb2s0T
Meetup URL: http://www.meetup.com/startuptalks/events/223939685/