Choreography Masterclass with Sonali Bhadauria – Akh Lad Jaave

Hope you all are doing good in this COVID situation. Thank you for an amazing response to my Online Masterclasses.

Here are the details for my next class. I’ll be teaching my JazzFunk/ Heels choreography on the song AKH LAD JAAVE. Limited seats only, book your slot now!

More Information:

Duration of the session will be 2hrs. Might extend by 15-20 mins if required.
Only LIMITED seats available. Once sold out, the registrations will be closed.
The session will take place on
Song is “Akh Lad Jaave”. You can watch the video on my YouTube channel “LiveToDance with Sonali”.
It is a beginner to intermediate level Jazzfunk/ Heels choreography, open for all.
Participants can join from India and abroad. While joining from outside of India, you need to provide a dummy mobile number. But make sure the email id you provide is correct.

About me:

I am a dance choreographer and YouTube creator with a subscriber base of over 2 Million. Before the whole Corona virus situation, I would travel across India and also abroad to conduct my dance workshops and teach you guys. But now that we are stuck at home, let’s make the most of our time and learn a few cool moves together, online!