hackCBS 4.0 | Hackathon

hackCBS 4.0, a bequest being nurtured by the accordant individuals of SSCBS aims to team up the brains of programmers, designers, application developers, and rookies in the realm of programming for the substantial development of a hack. We help you transform your thoughts into reality by providing an encouraging and inviting environment.

hackCBS is India’s Largest Student-run Hackathon which is run by the student only for the students. hackCBS is also identified as Delhi University’s First-ever Hackathon-cum-conference and ASIA’s First MLH Member Hackathon.

You’ll have all the opportunity to conceptualize your ideas with the learned individuals of the industry, create a product, innovate new things, and most importantly, enjoy memorable moments with your friends. One thing which goes without saying for a hackathon like hackCBS is that you stand a very good chance of networking with working professionals and community leaders. Thus, if you’re a keen learner and explorer, we’re sure, you wouldn’t want to have a FOMO!

Why you should participate in hackCBS?

hackCBS is an ideal hackathon for all tech enthusiasts as we give our participants the freedom to think, create, innovate and learn simultaneously in a competitive environment. We believe in encouraging you to brainstorm on your innovative ideas and thus turn them into reality.


We make sure that no one is left behind during the hacking with the support of the mentors who tirelessly solve the queries of our participants 24×7. They are experts from the industry and well-known firms like Microsoft and Amazon, whose guidance is provided to all our participants.


We put no restrictions to limit your creativity and that is why we even have an open innovation theme for all our participants who do not wish to build their hack on a particular subject/theme. We let your thoughts flow! We even promote hacks on the latest trends and news surrounding the tech arena. So, if you think you’ve got a cool and trendy idea with you, then hackCBS is the place for you!

Beginner Friendly

We welcome all newcomers and veterans alike since it is a beginner-friendly hackathon. Even if you don’t possess any skills, don’t you worry buddy! Our mentors are there to help you at every step, to let you build your dream hack.


Our webinars and knowledge-sharing sessions are no less and have a very big fan base amongst all the hackathon participants, who benefit a lot from the valuable insights of our reputed speakers. So, if you look forward to an experience worth remembering and to learn something new then you must participate in hackCBS 4.0.


Since our reach is spread all over the world globally, the kind of networking opportunities that you’ll get here is unmatchable. We gather everybody on board at one place and allow you to network with the best intellectual minds and professionals. You even stand a very good chance of joining the international communities that help you enhance your skills to another level.


When it comes to prizes, awards, and prizes given at hackCBS are considered to be the best in the community for we believe in rewarding every deserving skill and performance. This can be very well seen from our previous version’s list of prizes which even included Google Pixel 4A. It was awarded for the best innovation using TensorFlow.js in a hack.

Job/Internship Opportunities

Last but not the least, hackCBS opens the door to numerous job/internship opportunities for exceptional young talents and companies look forward to getting them on board with them.