Simblified Live Recording: Absurd predictions for a post-coronavirus world

Some very astute, smart people have been writing very logical pieces on “things that will happen to X industry post-coronavirus”. People will buy more of this and less of that and will start less of this more and will consume more Simblified content… Stuff like that.

Well, we at Simblified always look to go beyond the obvious. But mostly we’re lazy to do any proper analysis and just want a laugh. And, shockingly, over the course of 175+ episodes, it turns out that our listeners do too (“Simblified: When you want a break from logic and reality”, as one NYT columnist might have put it).

So join us for a very special live episode, where we’re going to make some predictions, but take them to logical extremes!

Here’s how it happens.

Each of our four hosts gives a prediction. The more outlandish, the better. For eg: “People will eat more carrots more after coronavirus”.
The other hosts tries to logically guess why that will be (“People will wear masks when they go out. They fog up glasses. People will try to get better eyesight. So… Carrots.”).
The other hosts will judge these predictions on the basis of outlandishness and logic. And at the end, we will have scores that completely don’t matter

So it’s part E&Y Whitepaper, part Butterfly Effect, part MAD Magazine six-degrees-of-separation, part drunk conversation (a combination, again, that you will get only on Malad’s finest podcast!)

And the audience is invited to participate!

To add in the fun (and to obviate the fact that we’re too lazy to come up with an hour’s worth of content ourselves), we’re going to ask our listeners to join in and have the ultimate honour / ignominy of featuring on an episode of Simblified!

We invite you to send us your crazy predictions like the ones above. You can send them to Chuck on Twitter ( beforehand, or on chat during the live recording on Friday. If we like what you’ve sent in, we’ll temporarily add you as a panelist so that the Simblified quartet can take turns guessing why your prediction will come true. So now’s the time to channel your inner analyst (remember, we will dock points if your prediction is straightforward – so if you’re going to say pharma stocks will increase because medicine is going to be more important – this is the wrong podcast!). Oh, and if we can find where we left the damn stickers from last time, we’ll send them to you for your effort 😀

I don’t want to / can’t attend the live recording 🙁

Don’t worry – the audio of this recording will be released as a Simblified episode on 11 May.