Storytelling for Work

An online 2 hour workshop on Zoom for professionals and business owners on how to become better at communicating ideas, sales pitches, and business presentations with the help of storytelling.

Whether you are a CEO, or a sales rep, or a business owner you have to communicate to get work done, to share your ideas, to close that sale.

No one gets moved with the boring and bland way we communicate in the business world. You have to inspire and engage with stories to hold the attention of your audience, clients, and customers.

Let’s learn how to use stories to communicate in an engaging, entertaining, and effective way.

Who should attend

People who want to share their ideas more effectively.
People who want to increase their sales.
People who want their profiles and businesses to stand out.

This workshop imparts skills to be more persuasive, make interesting presentations, and get better at sales with the help of storytelling.
This is an interactive workshop with exercises and everyone discovering ONE personal story to start using for work immediately after the workshop.