Yeh Kahan Dark Hai Yeh Toh Zindagi Hai ft. Varun Thakur & More

This show is brought to you as part of The Circuit’s #SitDownComedy – a digital comedy festival from 22-26 April.

If you enjoy making dank memes, think people who are overly cheerful are annoying or drink half a glass of water just to make “the glass is half empty” statements, this show is your new favourite thing in the world. And if you’re the cheerful happy sort, come see what the other side is like. Varun Thakur, Azeem Banatwalla, Kautuk Srivastava, Sonali Thakker and Shaad Safi present Dark Jokes 101. Get set for a show dedicated to jokes so dark you’ll be like “light on kar do yaar please”