Mosambi Narangi – A Hindi Play

Taher Ali Baig in association with Aadyam (Aditya Birla Group Initiative) & Rage Production presents one of a kind Hindi Musical Comedy play about hopes and broken dreams, complete with odd ball characters, witty humor and emotion.

Gearing up to be a part of a big-budget blockbuster film, are two struggling actors, Mosambi (Rajit Kapur) and Narangi (Ajeet Singh Palawat). The play directed by award-winning director Mohit Takalkar chronicles the dreams, aspirations and plight of small-town junior artists in a grand production for the next big Bollywood blockbuster Isaq Banaraswala which sets base on the Ghats of Benaras. Mosambi & Narangi with hopes to capture the essence of a small town in its authentic locations.

What happens when two distinct worlds, a small village in the Benaras Ghats and a star-studded Bollywood Movie shoot collide? Can they go hand in hand?

Rajit Kapur & Ajeet Singh take us on a voyage through their impeccable performance and love for the art. The narrative unfolds through the lens of these primary characters. Lost in translation, Mosambi and Narangi are enamoured by the industry’s marvels. With a swift turn, Rajit Kapur and Ajit Singh Palawat then adorn the hats of the cast and crew on set and ridicule the junior artists, they once portrayed. Kapur and Singh Palawat effortlessly slip from one role to another, making each character gloriously watchable. Adding to it are the creative abuses by quirky actors, upbeat live songs, and realistic representation of emotions that make for an entertaining yet meaningful show.

This slice-of-life drama is traced through the experiences of Mosambi and Narangi, who oscillate between the glamorous sets and the raw outside world. Mosambi Narangi is a poetic voyage that perfectly blends with strong performances, impeccable sound effects and minimalistic set up for an ideal theatrical experience.

The play is co-presented by Chandani Agarwal.

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